We improve customer’s production performance by manufacturing special machines and carrying out modernizations in a scale of sub-system or the whole production line. We handle the manufacturing / modernization process completely including initial mapping, pre-design, design, manufacturing, testing, documenting and installation. Thanks to our involvement in the numerous successful manufacturing and modernization projects, our collaboration in improvement of customer’s production machines’ efficiency, usability and quality assurance capability continues to grow.


We choose the operation principles and solutions for the customer’s problems and hopes which we found out from the initial mapping. The results of the pre-design are the principle drawing and/or functional diagram of the solution which helps the customer to improve production performance.



Our design department implements a customer-oriented design project based on the pre-design phase. The design department carry out mechanical, electrical and automation design.



We produce tailored machines and equipment for the customer’s need which include mechanical and actuator assemblies (electrics, pneumatics, hydraulics). When necessary, we rely on our extensive collaboration network to acquire the components and workshop products.


Testing and Documentation

We carry out tests and measurements required by directives on our machines, and form the machine documents necessary for our customer to assist them in the operation and maintenance of the machines.



We install and start-up our machines and equipment at the customer premises or we provide guides for installation and start-up. We can also take care of transportation by using our own transportation equipment.


Maintenance and Spare Parts

We plan a maintenance program and spare parts packages together with the customer so that the usability of the machines will remain at the high level.