CONLINK OY – Industry Partner

We offer industry design, manufacture, installation and maintenance services for production lines and individual subassemblies.


Conlink is a Finnish family company founded in 1991. Our staff consists of experts in the mechanical, electrical and automation fields. Our motivated professionals, complemented by a well-functioning cooperation network, guarantee the customer a flexible, fast and reliable delivery package. Our area of ​​operation is the whole of Finland. We also carry out installation projects abroad, mainly in the EU.

Our customers represent large-scale industries. Confidential cooperation, expertise and flexibility have created long-term customer relationships. The company has a good ability to transform in changing market situations, and the company is industry-independent. You can get acquainted with our customer projects here. By trusting our experienced experts, you will achieve the best result. Get in touch and plan a project together!

Installation Services

For high quality, efficient and safe machine installations and moving as well as planned maintenance work.

Design Services

For high quality and efficient mechanical, electrical and automation design

Manufacturing Services

Production of small batches and special parts, including machining, welding, sheet metal work, assembies and express delivery. Also CL-profiles. 

Special Machines & Modernizations

For the improvement of production efficiency in a scale of sub-system or the whole production line from design to installation.


Conlink Oy

Järvenpääntie 69
FI-62295 Kauhajärvi

Tel +358 40 504 8923


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