Established in 1991, Conlink Oy employs professionals in the field of mechanical, electrical and automation industries. Our motivated workers, supplemented by an effective collaboration network, guarantee flexible, quick and reliable solutions for our customers.

Our operating area covers all of Finland. We also carry out installation projects abroad, mostly in the EU area.
Our customers represent heavy industry in different fields. Trusted collaboration, expertise and flexibility have created long-term customer relationships. Our company has the ability to adapt to changing market situations and therefore it is independent of a single field of business.



Juha Riihimäki started as managing director of Conlink Oy. Juha has worked as production manager from year 2014 until his appointmet as managing director.



We started to offer our own aluminium profile system for the quick and easy construction of equipment and structures with using standard components or with additional services all the way to the complete turnkey solution.



In 2013, we purchased new machines for sheet metal working to support our engineering workshop business. At the same year, we started to develop an aluminium profile system for our own use to support the machine manufacturing business.



December 2011 marked the company’s twentieth year in business. The company’s managing director, Seppo Riihimäki, was granted the Golden Cross of Entrepreneurs issued by the Federation of Finnish Enterprises.



The company received ”Bear’s nails” recognition from the city of Lapua.



Electrical and automation design began in 2003 to support the installation and machine manufacturing businesses. At the same time we began to use 3D-modeling in mechanical design.



The maintenance business was started in 2002. It covers mechanical, electrical and automation maintenance.



“Lapua Entrepreneur of the Year” in 2000.



In 1995, Metso Paper Oy’s paper machine installation began. The installations expanded to include other industrial machines toward the end of the decade. Installation continues to be our main business.


The year 1995 also saw the start of our machine manufacturing, including mechanical design, testing and documentation. This way we could provide even more versatile service solutions to our customers. We made investments in the machine pool and employees’ expertise in machine manufacturing.



The business was started with a textile factory machine installation carried out in 1991–1993 in Costa Rica.