CL-profiles is a modifiable aluminium profile system for the quick and easy construction of equipment and structures by connecting aluminium profiles.



  • Modular and simple structure shortens design and construction time of equipment and structures
  • The assembly happens only with standard nuts and bolts into uniform grooves which speed up the installation and save costs
  • The modifiable profile system is easy to move and expand or it can be used for completely different purposes
  • Aluminium is very corrosion-resistant material that looks good as it is without the need to do any painting or other finishing
  • There is possibility to move compressed air and cables inside the profiles so that the separate pipe lines or racks are not needed


Most common applications

  • Machine Guards
  • Machine Frames
  • Conveyors
  • Transport Trolleys
  • Shelves and Racks
  • Worktops and Workstations
  • Assembly Lines and Assembly Cells
  • Linear Motion Systems
  • Exhibition Structures



CL-profiles are supplied with mere standard components or with the chosen additional services all the way to the complete turn-key delivery. The deliveries are often started from the design meeting. After that the customer gets 3D CAD models and the offer for the delivery of designed profile system. The profile system is available with the following delivery contents.


Profile system from the standard components

  • Anodized aluminium profiles (6m) e.g. 45×45, 45×90 and 90×90
  • Components for assembly e.g. fasteners, connectors, end caps, leveling feet, and floor mounting plates
  • Special components e.g. hinges, handles, locks, stoppers, casters, seals


Design of the profile system

  • Design of the profile system
  • 3D CAD models


Processing and assembly for the profile system

  • Sawing, milling and drilling for the aluminium profiles
  • Sheet metal components and mesh with machining
  • Assembly or subassembly for the profile system


Transportation and installation for the profile system

  • Transportation of the profile system and its installation at the customer’s premises
  • There is also possibility for the express delivery with our own transportation equipment


Customer’s time allocation

At the most complete turnkey delivery, the customer has to spend only the couple of hours time for the design meeting. Respectively, at the profile system from standard components, the customer has to do many days of work to design, processing, assembly and installation.


Production of Conlink-profiles

Profile systems are designed, processed and assembled in Lapua (Kauhajärvi), Finland. The component warehouse is located at the same place and the aluminium profiles are usually purchased from the nearby supplier in order to offer fast and flexible deliveries for the customers.